BRUSH Lettering For Beginners

Saturday, OCT. 21 / 10 am–1 PM

In this 3 hour Workshop, I will teach you the basics of brush lettering and helpful tips to understand brush pressure and how to draw letters. We will dig into the difference between hand-lettering, typography, calligraphy and brush lettering so you start with the right foot forward. We will revise the terminology that you should manage and fundamentals to bring this beautiful – and very popular- art form into your everyday life.

The purpose of this workshop is to walk from the basics of letter-construction to developing a balanced complete lettered piece. Whether you want to spice up your holiday envelopes, create personalized items or just for the fun of it, I will help you be happier with your letters.

This workshop has been a true labor of love! I’ve designed an awesome workbook, prepared supporting material and put together the coolest brush lettering kit (check what’s included below). So you can have the most amazing time and learn a new creative hobby (or business skill, you never know!). Join me and let’s letter together!

Instructor: Joy Kelley—Hello Joyful Studio


Business Plan & Brand Review

SATURDAY / OCT. 28 / 11 AM

If you're just starting your business or thinking about starting one, then come to this free workshop and have your business plan and visual brand reviewed by the owners of The Orange Space. You'll get helpful feedback so that your business starts out on the right path.

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