Collaboration Can Help You Grow Your Business


Collaboration is a great tool for all small business owners, regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business you have. It's the connections and types of relationships you form with others is what will open your mind to new ways of working that can help you grow your business to new levels. Here are a few reasons how collaboration can help you.

Collaboration Can Inspire You

It’s easy to get into a mundane routine. Collaborating with others helps you uncover a better way to do something, different techniques to try, and new tools that can save you time and money.

You can search the internet for things that inspire you, but making a real effort to collaborate with someone and share and absorb new ideas will help you go beyond what you typically do and see each day, allowing you to think in a new way.

Collaboration CAN Grow Your Network

True entrepreneurs don’t constantly surround themselves by their peers. They are constantly looking to meet new people and make new connections. Imagine how your business would dwindle if you continued to network with and sell to the same group over and over again.

Every new interaction won’t always lead to collaboration, but every time you explore the possibility expands your network.

Collaboration CAN Teach you new things

You’re never too old to learn a new skill or trade. Every interaction you have with someone that is outside what you normally do can teach you something valuable. Some of the best collaborations happen when people bring different skill sets and viewpoints to the table.

Collaboration Can Help You Save Money

Once you’ve established some collaborative relationships, you’re more likely to benefit from them financially. If you collaborate with another business there might be some great opportunities to split costs on various things like marketing expenses and customer growth.

For example, a business might share floor space with a complementary partner, then co-market their participation. This can expose more customers to your brand and help boost sales.

Start-Up Companies in the Inland Empire


The Inland Empire is the second largest metropolitan area in California, and the job market is rapidly growing every year. The tech industry is especially starting to expand, and it has seen an 11% increase… since the first quarter of 2011, compared to 10.7% for the state overall. As of the third quarter of 2017, there were 2,100 Inland Empire establishments employing 22,650 workers in tech industries.

Here is a list of some of the tech start- ups that are contributing to this growing trend:

Via.  Hounder , Instagram:

Via. Hounder, Instagram:


A digital design and development company that specializes in creating meaningful web experiences and products across platforms for organizations that want to go digital. In 2017, they have had over 80 million visitor experiences for one of the largest companies in the US, helped increase e- commerce site revenues by an average of 40%, and have been nominated for multiple awards.

When asked why they started their business in the Inland Empire, CTO Joshua Northcott said:

“We felt that we could be a breath of fresh air within the corporate digital design and development agency world which has historically had a lot of distrust. We always felt confident that we could be successful planting it here in Redlands and we’re so glad we did almost 3 years ago now. I truly believe that the Inland Empire has some of the best creative talent in the world and it’s been very rewarding to represent our home town.”

And, when asked how The Orange Space contribute to their start- up:

“The folks from Orange Space where super kind to let us shoot several videos there, as well as invite me to speak at some of the design and development meet- ups. They’ve been amazing to help foster the design and developer community.”

Via.  HipBadger , Instagram:  hipbadger

Via. HipBadger, Instagram: hipbadger


A digital marketing agency that is dedicated in providing results for small business clients. Helping to consult, design, and implement campaigns through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design. HipBadger identifies the strategies to help communicate your business uniqueness and position in the marketplace.

Co- Founder Jess Robertson also gave an input on why they started their business in the Inland Empire, and said:

“We honestly started our business in the Inland Empire because we live here in Redlands! We love helping local, small business owners succeed by promoting their uniqueness so that they can live a more empowered life.”

Via.  CheckCherry , Instagram:  check_cherry

Via. CheckCherry, Instagram: check_cherry

Check Cherry

The all- in- one platform to manage your Photo Booth or Mobile DJ business. This company vision is to easily help clients with managing events and providing services like: wedding DJs, ice sculptures, magicians, photographers and more. They also support businesses to the next level with email automation and built- in messaging.

Via.  Venntov , Instagram:  venntov

Via. Venntov, Instagram: venntov


With over 70,000 installs to date, Venntov provides app innovations for Shopify users. These Shopify expert specialize in helping people sell more online through providing services like SEO Manager, Order Lookup and Clocked In.


A University of California, Riverside spin- off company developed by a team of computer scientists, psychologists and industry experts in 2014. The purpose of this organization is to improve customer satisfaction using AI- powered chatbots for online businesses.

Via.  LoudMind Inc. , Instagram:  loudmindtm

Via. LoudMind Inc., Instagram: loudmindtm

LoudMind Inc.

A fresh multifaceted tech start up that is concentrated on the Arts & Entertainments Industry. They are focused on developing a system where the creator can create while Loud Mind Inc. work behind- the- scenes developing applications, software, and hardware to make creation more accessible.

Getting Your Business Started


Thinking about building
your own business?

Becoming a starting entrepreneur sounds exciting, but there are many risks you are about to take on. Without any knowledge, it may be hard to navigate on where to begin or how to enter the market.

Here are some pieces of advice and steps coming from an experienced business owner:

Research + Plan

Before making any permanent actions - do some research. You’ll want to analyze the market and identify whether there is a demand for your product or service. Head over to the where you’ll find helpful information including demographics, economic indicators, industry statistics, etc. Use this information to familiarize yourself with the area and zero in on your target market. Who is your consumer? How much are they willing to spend? What is the best way to reach them? Study the competition by comparing yourself with similar businesses in the area, then come up with a plan to differentiate yourself.

Next, you’ll want to write a business plan. These incredibly detailed documents act as a guide through a company’s early stages by highlighting objectives and the ways in which they’ll be achieved. A sound business plan can often be the determining factor in solidifying finances from investors or lenders, so you’ll want to put some time into its creation. The Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (business-planning) offers a business planning section on their website that will “work with you step by step to identify your business objectives then develop a written plan of action to include financial, management and operational strategies over a specified timeline.”

Location + Permits    

Home Office: If you plan on running a business out of your home, Redlands requires you to apply for a home occupation permit. The application is simple, asking only for general contact information as well as your business’ name and a brief description. Essentially, the city just wants to ensure that you won’t be conducting any sort of business that disturbs your neighborhood. To apply, fill out the linked application and turn it into Redlands’ Community Development Department on 35 Cajon St # 20, Redlands, CA 92373. If you have any questions, reach them by telephone at (909) 798-7555.

Building or Renting: You might consider building a new location or renting an existing space. In both cases, you will be required to submit specific permits to the city that vary according to location and industry. The city divides its permits into five categories: Building & Safety, Planning, Municipal Utilities & Engineering, Quality of Life, and Fire Department Guidelines & Standards. Each category contains various permits, so rather than attempt to list them all here, let us simplify the process by pointing you in the direction of Redlands’ One Stop Permit Center. Explain, in specifics, the type of business you plan on starting, along with the location in which you hope to start it, and the Permit Center will guide you through which applications you are required to submit. You can find the One Stop Permit Center on 35 Cajon Street Suite 15A, open weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, and closed alternate Fridays. If you have any questions you can reach them by telephone at (909) 798-7551.

Coworking space: If you are looking for something a little more flexible and a lot more cost-effective, you may want to consider a coworking space. A coworking space provides access to a desk, a business address, and a collaborative work environment for a fraction of the price it would cost to rent an office. If this option interests you, check out The Orange Space, a community-driven coworking space for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and startups located in the heart of downtown Redlands. They offer a variety of memberships tailored to your unique needs, and the flexibility of monthly payments so you aren’t stuck in a lease. The biggest perk, however, is the network you are able develop working alongside other like-minded individuals.

Business Structure + Name Registration

If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you can do business under your legal given name without being required to register with the state. This is a common option for many small business owners as it’s simple and allows you to start conducting business right away. Otherwise, in the state of California every business must register a Doing Business As (DBA) name in the county the business is located. You can file for your DBA by filling out the application in person or by mail with the San Bernardino County Clerk. If you choose a different business structure, such as an LLC or Corporation, your business name will automatically be registered when you file your articles of incorporation or articles of organization. There are other options available to register and protect your business name, but in the early stages it’s a good idea keep things simple and use the methods mentioned above.

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

Next, you’ll want to apply for a federal employee identification number (EIN) online through the IRS website. An EIN is a unique number used to identify your business, pay taxes, open a business bank account, and hire employees. Not all business structures require an EIN, but without it you’d be taking the risk of using your personal social security number, so it’s a smart choice to get one regardless.


Now it’s time to apply for a business license. Redlands’ requires all business owners, even those who work at home, to apply for a license through the city’s Business License Division. The process takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and will ask that you are prepared to present specific information like your business name, address, structure, federal employee identification number, etc. Apply through email at, or give them a call (909) 798-7557.

Business Bank Account

Now that you have your license, permits, EIN, and DBA, you are ready to open a business bank account. Opening a business account that is separate from your personal account is highly encouraged, as it simplifies accounting and provides more security. You will be provided with the standard checking, savings, and credit accounts, but you’ll also gain access to a merchant service account. A merchant service account lets you accept credit and debit transactions from customers whilst ensuring that their information will be protected. As your business becomes more established, the credit you have built on your business account will prove to be beneficial in the case that you want to make a major purchase (ex: expanding to a larger location). The process of opening an account is easy, simply go to one of our local branches and ask to begin the process.


The Benefits of CoWorking


Start Thinking About Coworking

The idea of sharing space with strangers is unusual or odd at first; however, this concept of ‘shared workspace’ is an escalating and thriving trend for creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals in various industries.

Private and traditional offices are slowly losing its appeal in the modern times, and coworking is coming on the rise bringing on more benefits than you’d think.

The Rising Trend

The demand for coworking spaces is on the rise as it is expanding to wider range of people and even appealing to corporate companies. The U.S. market for office space is being evolved and reshaped as more people are being aware of what coworking means. The number of people working in a shared space is expected to double in the U.S from 2017 of 542,000 people to 2022 of 1.08 million.

Furthermore, the article, “Coworking Trends Across the U.S,”complies data on why people are choosing to cowork at a space rather than the library, coffee shop, or comfort of their home:

  • 59% say the social atmosphere

  • 56% say the human interaction

  • 55% say the sense of community

  • 47% say working with like- minded people

  • 41% say it’s good value/ price

  • 38% say office infrastructure

  • 35% say the sharing of knowledge

This demonstrates that creating connections holds the key to the main growth of coworking. 

Community Improves Work Habits:
The Benefits

The control, flexibility and open environment that a coworking space offers are shown to boost productivity. 84% of people who cowork have reported that they are more productive and motivated, and 89% of people claimed that they are happier.

The coworking benefits mainly stems from the community, and the importance and value that it brings are well explained by Riché C. Zamor:

“A community is a familiar thread used to bring people together to advocate and support each other… As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop. Communities are also rich in resources, that is where their collective aspect comes into play.”

The community formed by creating connections surprisingly facilitates and takes a major role in motivating others by collaborating, observing, inspiring, and sharing tips and ideas. 

By welcoming collaboration and networking, coworking also creates a healthier work culture. A member from The Orange Space named Marc expressed that he needs a place like this and that he loves the idea of shared space because it allows him to remember to take a break to interact with other members and not be cooped up in his own work. Having a private office may offer autonomy, but people who self- work may miss out on the sense of community by being too caught up. 

Furthermore, Aude, a creative director/ designer/ business owner of AUDESIGN, is also an experienced coworker and a long- time member of The Orange Space. And, he shares why he loves to coworking community:

“I like a lot of things about The Orange Space- locale, vibe, flexible hours, and frequent inspiring and educational events, to name a few.  Above all, I value the myriad potential networking opportunities and potential work partnerships through new friends I’ve come to know and respect in the short 4 weeks since I’ve joined the TOS [The Orange Space]…” 

Though a shared space encourages socialization, no one actually has to feel intimidated or forced to interact. This shared setting is utilized for both collaborative work and quiet work. And, members have the ultimate choice to have and carry on a discussion. Even those who are shy and have an introverted soul feel a sense of identity in the community, and appreciate that there is the possibility in having the social interactions when they want to. 

Take the Leap

If you are someone looking for a new space to independently do your work, take the leap to get a membership at a coworking space. It is guaranteed that the community and the benefits that comes with it is a plus. Coworking is not only for a specific niche, but encourages diversity for different types of professionals.